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    Which Fiesta Condom variant are you?

    It is sweeter when you wrap better.

    Whether you are an all-nighter or not, there’s a Fiesta Condom variant for you. Fiesta always guarantees you pleasure and protection no matter the type of condom you use. 

    Fiesta Classic

    For those who appreciate the simple things of life and are just looking to protect themselves and their partners; the Classic condom is well lubricated to ensure sex is comfortable while giving you the needed protection from STI’s.

    Fiesta All Night

    For those seeking long-lasting pleasure all night long, All Night condoms contain a delayed gel that helps prolong climax for both you and your partner to enjoy each other all night long. No two minutes business! It’s on all night long.

    Fiesta Dotted

    Spice it up with some dots and be a little freaky. Fiesta Dotted is for the ones who want their partners to attain certain heights of pleasure. Compliment the hard work with some dotting of your ‘i’s as you move your sensitive boat in her ocean. With over 500 sensitive embossed dots, Fiesta Dotted will guarantee your partner pleasure as soon as the dots connect with the right places.

    Fiesta Extra Thin

    If you are looking for protection that doesn’t spoil the pleasure of skin to skin, Fiesta Extra Thin is just what you need to experience your partner and more. They are very thin and well lubricated to give you that extra feel.

    Fiesta Strawberry

    Smeared with all the sweet goodness of strawberry and ribbed for maximum pleasure, Fiesta Strawberry brings more to your sexual experience; protection, pleasure and sensuality for those who want to experience pleasurable fruity sex that engages the senses.

    Fiesta Dumsor

    Yes, you heard right. Sex without the afterglow, is that sex? Fiesta Dumsor guarantees you the glow while sex is in motion. For those looking for something different tonight, buy Dumsor, expose it to light for at least 30 seconds and see the glow while you are giving the flow.

    Fiesta Passion

    If you believe the penis should be the main instrument of hot passionate sex with your partner then you believe in Fiesta Passion. The tutti frutti scented condoms are ribbed to increase stimulation for both partners with every penetration. If you were searching intense passionate sex, Fiesta Passion takes it a notch higher while offering you the best protection.

    Fiesta Party Pack

    Are you the life of the party? Bring the party to the bedroom with Fiesta Party Pack. With all your favourite Fiesta variants in one pack, you are definitely bringing something new to your bed every night you use a condom. 

    Fiesta Vibe

    Sometimes you do have to put a ring on it to experience the vibe. Fiesta Vibe comes with a free vibrating ring to rock her world. If you are interested in trying something new, fun and exciting in bed while being safe, Fiesta Vibe is your plug.

    Try a Fiesta Condom today for an exciting erotic experience. Whenever you use Fiesta condoms, you get protected from sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, prevent pregnancy and enjoy pleasure every time. Fiesta premium condoms are 100% electronically tested and manufactured to meet the highest International Quality Standards (EN ISO 4074).

    So which variant are you? Buy your Fiesta Condom now

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