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    Yes, doing it raw is indeed very nice! And if you have a faithful relationship, you and your partner both got tested for STIs and you are using a contraceptive method against unintended pregnancy, than you are cool… However, for all those boys, girls, men and women out there who are not in the above mentioned scenario, we advise you to ALWAYS use a condom.

    • A condom is the best protection against Sexually Transmitted infections, and we tell you… you don’t want an STI (check out our STI page for real pictures)

    • A condom also protects against unintended pregnancy, think about it… the cost of a condom compared to that of a pack of diapers…

    • A condom can also be fun! Fiesta has 6 variants to spice up your sex life! So if you like to have that skin to skin feel… try Fiesta Extra Thin

    • Be a responsible lover, and with Fiesta Condoms, she’ll want more!

    STI is a short abbreviation for Sexually Transmitted Infections. Sexual Transmitted Infections are very common. Therefore it is important to protect yourself and your partner from STIs. Learning more about STIs is an important first step. On the Fiesta STI page you will find some of the most common questions about the different STIs. We hope these answers will help you, whether you think you may have a STI, have been diagnosed with one, or are just curious about it. Besides familiarizing yourself with STIs on our website, make sure you always contact your health adviser whenever you suspect to have an STI.
    If you are in a faithful relationship and both you and your partner have been tested for STIs, then you may decide not to use a condom when having oral sex. However, if you are not sure if your partner is faithful to you or you have not been tested for an STI, make sure you always use a condom. A lot of STIs can be transmitted through Oral or Anal Sex.
    There are special Dental Dams that can be used when performing oral sex on a lady, however these are difficult to buy in Ghana. You can cut open a condom and use the latex to cover the ladies vulva.
    Using a condom is easy; hold the tip of the condom between your forefinger and thumb to make sure it is put on the right way round, and that no air is trapped inside (the condom may split if air is trapped inside) place the condom over the tip of the penis. while squeezing the tip of the condom, roll it down over the length of the erect penis. Once it’s all over and the condom has done its job, pull it out before the penis softens. It should be held against the base of the penis as soon as ejaculation has occurred to ensure it does not slip off and to prevent any sperm from escaping as the penis is withdrawn. Use it only once and then throw it away.

    If a condom is used correctly, it shouldn’t snap no matter how active your shack session is. Rubber rupture can result from the following: • Storing your condoms in a hot place, like a glove compartment

    • Using one that is past its expiration date

    • Using illegal, not FDA approved condoms (no quality assurance)

    • Accidentally ripping it with your teeth or finger nails while opening the wrapper

    • Not leaving enough space at the tip of the condom for the ejaculated sperm leaving air in the tip of the condom (always pinch the tip with two fingers before rolling it down the erected penis)

    • Using a condom with too little lubricant  (if it gets dry the friction can make it burst)

    • Using the same condom more than once

    Premature ejaculation is uncontrolled ejaculation either before or shortly after sexual penetration, with minimal sexual stimulation and before the person wishes. It may result in an unsatisfactory sexual experience for both partners. This can increase the anxiety that may contribute to the problem. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common forms of male sexual dysfunction and has probably affected every man at some point in his life.

    How long should sex last?

    Many men are unsure about how long ‘normal’ sex should last before ejaculation. There is no definition of how long intercourse should last. It is up to the individual and his/her partner to decide whether or not they are happy with the time it takes before the man ejaculates.

    What is the cause of premature ejaculation?

    Most cases of premature ejaculation do not have a clear cause. With sexual experience and age, men often learn to delay orgasm. Premature ejaculation may occur with a new partner, only in certain sexual situations, or if it has been a long time since the last ejaculation. Psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, depression or relationship issues can also cause premature ejaculation. In some cases, premature ejaculation may be related to a medical cause such as hormonal problems, injury or a side effect of certain medicines.

    Treatments for premature ejaculation?

    In many cases premature ejaculation resolves on its own over time without the need for medical treatment. Practicing relaxation techniques or using distraction methods may help you delay ejaculation. For some men, stopping or cutting down on the use of alcohol and tobacco may improve their ability to control ejaculation. Other options include delay gels, using a condom to reduce sensation to the penis, or a combination of the two, a condom with delay gel) such as Fiesta All Night. You can also try different sex positions, for example lying on your back, during intercourse.

    • Answer Ladies: Yes, it is good for a lady to protect herself. Don’t be embarrassed for taking control of your sex lives. If a guy asks you if you don’t trust him and therefore you want to use a condom tell him to watch the Fiesta advert: Don’t trust your ex.

    • Answer Guys: Yes, a lady can also carry a condom. It doesn’t mean she is promiscuous, it means she is responsible and so should you be! So take her example, and make sure you always carry a condom!

    Fiesta Premium Condoms has 6 variants. On our product page you can read more about the differences.

    The cost of a Fiesta Condom depends on where you buy it. The recommended retail price for one of the Fiesta 3 pack variants is GHS 3.00. The recommended retail price for Fiesta Vibe’s 6 pack is GHS 8.00.

    You can buy Fiesta in most Pharmacists and Chemical Shop. Fiesta can also be bought in Non Traditional outlets, such as hotels, barbershops and fuel stations. Watch out for our new sales stand!

    The delay gel is not harmful, it only delays ejaculation by making your penis less sensitive. It makes you and your partner enjoy sex all night long!

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